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Ahad, 11 September 2011

True Love ;

The sun shone over the quiet suburbs . Everybody hid here and there to avoid the scorching rays of the blazing sun that oppressed all . Steven sauntered about in his room - glum and disheartened . The room was in a mess . The fashion magazines carpeted the dirty floor and the empty hair gel boxes and bottles of perfumes adorned the corner where stood the old dressing table . It was all to please her - the girl he loved .

He remembered the first time he saw her . She stood out of the rest . Her beautiful blue eyes and her curly blonde hair added to the charm of her stunning perky body . He loved her , but was unable to express it . Soon , the clouds covered the searing sun , and a gentle breeze started to blow , in which the pollen fluttered like butterflies in a flower garden . But Steven was not much influenced by the weather , for the was caught up in the bog of his own thoughts and feelings . He lay down on the couch , while his mind kept on thinking of the girl he loved , Lisa .

He lay down on the couch , thinking of her . He looked pretty down - at - heel in the shabby clothes he wore . His hair was all messed up , and his face looked as if it was unwashed since he woke up today . The wind seemed to get stronger and faster by the minute and so did his abnormal and concerning behaviour . He gazed in the empty space senselessly , thinking of her . A thin layer of perspiration covered his face and he ambled all over the room , kicking all that came in his way . Why did she not respond to him ? Did she not feel his passion , his ardour for her ?

He loved her but he could not express his feelings . Soon darkness covered the sun and his heart . He was fed up of this life of deprivation , so he took a bold step - he swallowed the poison !

Lisa never responded to him . Maybe she never felt what was in his heart . But the poor soul loved her more than his life . Her ignorance led him to his doom . That morning , they had a dialogue . He had dared to say what was in his heart , but in reciprocation , he received insult . She embarrassed him in front of the whole class .

It was all gloomy now , both inside and outside . Dark clouds covered the sky . The winds slapped sand on the dirty windows that banged . It was really dark by now . The poison had now started to take over . He felt weak and feeble . A knock at the door was heard above the howling wind . Lisa stood in front of him .

" I'm sorry Steven , I didn't mean to . Steven I'm sorry , I love you too , Steven " Her eyes were filled with tears . She advanced towards him , but he stopped her with a raised hand . Before he could say anything , he fell . His body was lifeless , motionless . Tears rolled down her cheeks and fell on his pale skin . She clasped her true love and wept . Her bashfulness had cost her too much . The winds blew even more stridently , the sky grew darker , and the clock kept ticking .

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